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Welcome to the Lakewood Village Association website! 

This web presence serves to create a general overview into the Association Rules & Regulations with navigational online conveniences.

The Menus and Quick Buttons are quick links to our most commonly asked questions and needs such as, paying an assessment online, locating a form or general information for a new resident.

Be sure to have a copy of the Rules & Regulations Handbook. Ultimately, it’s the best resource for our community.  The purpose of the guidelines is to protect the community’s vested interest in maintaining an environment of quality and uniformity with a high degree of consideration for one’s neighbors and to enhance the living conditions at Lakewood Village.

If you don’t have a Rules and Regulations Handbook, please contact Foster-Premier Property Management, Amanda Turner Interim Property Manager. Thank you.

Top 5 Items to Keep Handy!

Parking: You have 2 assigned parking spaces – your garage and the space immediately in front of your garage. You must park in your own driveway. If you have more vehicles than that on a regular basis, you must utilize street parking for those cars or you may be fined.

Trash: You must keep your trash can and recycle bins in your garage at all times – with the exception of Monday at 6:00 pm until Tue evening, when they can be placed on the street/curb for pickup. Large items (furniture, carpet, beds, etc) need special pickup trucks – please call Groot 847-566-5159 directly to schedule for any paint/chemical pickup, please call Swalco 847-336-9340. If left on the curb and not picked up, you may be held responsible.

Pets: Ensure to pick up after your pet immediately, and they must be kept on a leash at all times. It is against rules to leave your pet unattended outside or in the garage. Do not let your pet relieve themselves in the same area each night to avoid pet damage to the grass outside your door, or you may be held responsible.

Common Areas: Any items that you use in the common areas or walkways (basketball hoops, kid pools, yard toys, etc) must be stored in your garage each night. Grills may be left on patios as long as they are kept at least 5 feet away from the building, and units without patios may leave their grill out overnight until 9:00 am the next day to cool.

New Plantings: If you receive a new plant or bush near your unit, please water it per instructions sent to you to ensure that it survives and doesn’t need another replacement.



Amanda Turner
Interim Property Manager

Community Association Manager

Foster Premier

phone: (847) 484-2127
fax: (847) 459-1240
email: [email protected]